Carlos & Cayla González

Carlos & Cayla González

Austin, TX

Carlos González found a way to help people as a pharmacist, though he felt unfulfilled working for someone else. But when he learned about Primerica, he saw an opportunity that would allow him to call his own shots and help families in so many other ways.

Though he earned a college degree, Carlos admits he knew very little about money after he graduated. He gained some insight at a Primerica Opportunity Meeting and quickly realized that many people could improve their financial situation if they understood the basics of finance through Primerica's How Money Works™ System.1, 2

"What attracted me to Primerica is that we help people become financially independent. I wanted to help people achieve the things they never thought they could achieve," Carlos explains.

Carlos feels strongly that Primerica is a good fit for Hispanics seeking a fantastic business opportunity.1 "Hispanics have an entrepreneurial mindset," he says. "Look at how many people have their own small business in Mexico. We are hard workers who will do whatever it takes to provide for our families."

Carlos has built a thriving business that allows him to build a business and improve the lives of countless families in his community.1 "At Primerica, you get paid based on how hard you work.3 That means everyone has a chance here," he states proudly. "My success in this company has provided me with the opportunity to build a business and work toward a better future."

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