Mario & Franny Arrizon

Mario & Franny Arrizon

Riverside, CA

The Drive to Succeed

Like a lot of people, Mario Arrizon, of Riverside, CA, grew up dreaming of living a better life but not having the first clue about how to achieve it.  His father owned a jewelry business but the family didn’t bring in much money.  “I grew up very poor and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life I just wanted to be successful,” recalls Mario. 1 “When I was 19, my father encouraged me to look into the Primerica business opportunity.”

Mario says he knew a little bit about the business since his father was a client, but what really appealed to him was the potential to start his own business. "I was young so, of course, the thought of starting my own business at a young age was what got me interested at first," says Mario. "But I also liked that it didn't matter where you came from or what type of education you have you can be successful here."2

He continues, “I wasn’t really good at school so I didn’t really see myself going to college and getting a degree.  But Primerica didn’t care if I didn’t have a lot of education.  The only thing this business requires is that you have the drive and determination to help families.  Today, Franny’s and my biggest satisfaction is knowing that our successes in this business are directly related to the number of lives we’ve helped to change!”2

What started as just a way to make an income, turned into a full-fledged career for Mario and his wife, Franny.  “Primerica has impacted our lives tremendously,” enthuses Mario.  “It’s not just the financial aspect that’s changed, it’s also our relationships with our friends, family and with each other. Being able to build a business with the person you love and being on the same page as far as goals and dreams is priceless!”

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