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George & Ursula Chavez

Rockville, MD

Committed to the Business

When George & Ursula Chavez, of Rockville, MD, first joined Primerica, their family couldn't understand why they left their "good" jobs to become entrepreneurs. But those opinions soon changed as this excited duo showed how committed they were to building a successful business.1 "When we first got started, we had two young children and were really only looking to replace our income and to fire our bosses," says Ursula.

Living With Options

Part of those “possibilities” include raising their kids in an environment where every decision doesn’t revolve around money.  “Early on, we weren’t really doing what we needed to for our business.  I can remember not having enough money to buy milk for our kids,” recalls Ursula.  “We were sitting there, counting coins from a piggybank and thinking, ‘we have to make a change.’  That was the turning point for us – the moment where we decided that going back and getting a job wasn’t an option and if we wanted to have a better life, that it was up to us to make it happen.”

She adds, "Because of Primerica, we are now the "go to" people in our family. They know that Primerica works because they've seen us build a successful business."

Building Toward a Better Future

Today, George and Ursula are loving every minute of their journey. "What keeps us going is our desire to provide for our children and for the people we care about in an incredible way," smiles Ursula.

"Our biggest goal is to continue growing our business and to prove how good at this business we can be! It's a personal challenge we've set for ourselves and we're totally focused on proving it!"2

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